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What distinguishes a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses offer very good point elasticity and a first-class adaptation to the body contours. Other quality features include breathability and hygiene. But latex is not the same latex. So there are mattresses made of synthetic latex and natural latex. Mattresses made of natural latex offer a particularly high density and thus a high dimensional stability and durability. For example, comparing cold foam and latex in terms of density, latex plays in regions that cold foam can barely offer. A good cold foam mattress starts at a density of 40 kg / m³. Latex mattresses offer 70 kg / m³ and more. As a result, they achieve significantly better point elasticity and - due to the lower proportion of air - a longer service life.

How is latex made?

Latex mattresses are made by vulcanization. This rubber (or rubber) is made elastic and resistant under pressure and the supply of heat. Essentially, one differentiates between two methods according to information from thebest-mattress:

The Dunlop latex procedure

The Dunlop latex process is most commonly used to make latex mattresses. It was developed in the 1920s. The tough latex raw material is mixed with various additives and then foamed with air - similar to beat the cream. This creates stable but still liquid foam. The density of the latex core is determined by the amount of air supplied. The more air, the lower the volume weight! The trapped air bubbles provide the open-cell structure typical of latex cores. Then the latex foam is poured into a mold with heating pins. The heating pins ensure even heat distribution. In this form, the latex foam is baked using water vapor and the pins.

The Talalay latex procedure

This process was developed around 10 years after the Dunlop process and adds two precursors to the vulcanization process. Therefore, it is also referred to as the "extended Dunlop method". The Talalay process is regarded as the most elaborate and therefore most expensive production process for latex. However, the energy consumption is also considerably higher.

The latex raw material mixture is only lightly beaten and poured into a mold with metal pins. In the mold, a vacuum is generated, whereby the latex mixture optimally distributed. Subsequently, the mass is flash frozen in the mold to about -30 ° C. This freezing preserves the round shape of the cell membranes, even if they partially break up. This again creates the typical, open-pored structure of the latex cores.

Finally, a mixture of carbon dioxide and air is pumped through the pins into the mold, which gels the latex composition and provides some pre-strength. Now the mold is heated to 115 ° C and thus initiated the vulcanization. The mattress core solidifies and holds its final shape. Finally, the latex core is removed from the mold, washed and dried.

For whom is a latex mattress suitable?

Latex mattresses are suitable for every type of sleep - whether it's the back, abdomen or side sleeper. In general, latex mattresses are more likely to be warming. But natural latex mattresses can also be suitable for people who are prone to sweating, since they absorb the moisture and transport it away from the body. During the day, they release the absorbed moisture again. In addition, high-quality natural latex ensures a good pressure relief, which can contribute to relieving back problems or tension. People who prefer to sleep soft may feel comfortable on a pure latex mattress. Sleepers from 100kg could find the same mattress rather soft and are better served with a mattress in addition to a latex layer on a harder core of another material (eg Cold foam).

Latex mattresses come with a number of advantages. But the disadvantages should not be concealed.

Point elasticity is the supreme discipline of the natural latex mattress. Here she scores points over synthetic special foams such as memory foam. Due to its high volume weight, it also plays a leading role in terms of durability.

The advantages of the latex mattress in detail:

Suitable for allergy sufferers: Strong allergic persons are especially allergic to house dust mites. Because latex mattresses do not offer the small arachnids a suitable habitat, it means that these are almost eliminated.

Rest in your sleep: No annoying squeaks or creaking noises, as can occur in some spring mattresses. This is a big advantage, especially for active sleepers.

Long durability: High quality latex mattresses can last up to 10 years. Then they should also be replaced for hygienic reasons.

Hygienically clean and good moisture transport: Mattresses made of natural rubber guarantee good ventilation. The body moisture is absorbed and released again during the day, so the hygiene is maintained.

Nevertheless, the following negative aspects should be considered:

·        The difference between latex mattresses and natural latex mattresses are usually not exactly differentiated. But most of the pluses go to the account of the natural latex mattress.

·        There are people who are allergic to latex. This should be excluded before purchasing.

·        High-quality natural latex has its price. Therefore, mattresses made of 100% natural latex are very expensive.

·        Due to the high volume weight pure latex mattresses are very heavy.

·        This is how Bruno embraces the benefits of natural latex

Our mattress uses a layer of 100% natural latex to provide excellent pressure relief and point elasticity. This is supplemented by a core of cold foam. Thus, the advantageous properties of a latex mattress are combined with those of a cold foam mattress. Through the cold foam core different zones are incorporated into the sleeping pad, and the heavily loaded areas - such as shoulders or pelvis - sink deeper. These zones ensure optimal relaxation by improving the support of the spine.

What types of double beds are there?

Variants and forms are available in double beds in an almost infinite variety. The trend is particularly true in so-called upholstered beds. These are completely covered with imitation leather or fabric. The padded headboard and fabric-covered edges provide a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom. The box spring bed is understandably popular among them. Due to its suspension, it is very comfortable and adapts very well to the body shape. This unique feeling of lying is known, for example, from high quality hotel beds.